Explore your 3D designs in 3D with Visual-wise

We think that 3D designs created by Architects and Interior designers should be presented in 3D. To do that we use Virtual Reality (VR). Watch the video for a demo!

The youtube video shows the 3D Autocad design of a house in Dubrovnik. The design is imported into a Nexus 5 Android mobile phone. Using a Virtual Reality headset (e.g. Google Cardboard) you can explore the entire design by moving the head in different directions.

Step 1: Upload your design

All common 3D file formats are supported. E.g. .obj, .stl, .3ds . . .

Step 2: We create the VR experience

Within 7 days, we will create the Virtual Reality (VR) experience. The first model is free of charge.

Step 3: Impress your clients

Impress your clients by placing them in your designs and not in front of a 2d screen.